January 1, 2018
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January 1, 2018 admin

Did you are wondering to know who we are?

We are a company developed by 3 Researchers in Web Application, Reverse Engineering, Malcode development, Windows Exploitation Development, We aren’t the best but we try to be, and you are who will give us the right to be.


Would you like to join us?

Make sure it will not be not the easy reason the interview and tasks we develop for you when you see our announcement you can send to us your information and resume.

Did our company legal?

While ethical hacking legal we are too, but the difference is we develop and sold tools depending on our client and we aren’t responsible for any Mal usage or any attacks coming from our tools.

Did you work with any Government?

Yes, and we still offer our cyber security consulting to some countries some of them on the black hat side, and others on the white hat.

Did you keep the privacy of projects?

Yes, we aren’t able to announce the projects of our clients?

Did you ever hear about Tracking Hackers?

This service allow you tracking any attacker late he is signature or nickname or traces in the place of scenario, can allow us to get started from it, and collect specific information about it then give you the information bellow :

Real Name
Previous activities
Geo Location

And this service is available for everyone who had a company or any who has been scammed by cybercriminals.